dimanche 28 juillet 2013

London's call

Hi everybody!

I'm really sorry for the delay but I had to pass my french baccalaureate and then I traveled. But I promise now that I'm back home I'm going to be a lot more regular!
So here's some pictures that I took last holidays in London, which is for me one of the most beautiful city in the world! I hope you're going to like it as much as I do!

This one is definitely one of my favorite picture from the travel, it's also the first one I took (on the airplane). You know now how I love the black and white effect!
Actually, this picture reminds me a lot of Baudelaire (French poet of the 19th century) and his vision of the human being and life: a simple opposition between an ideal, a perfection and what he use to call "the spleen" which means despair, a kind of hell, something really negative. An opposition between black and white as you can see in the picture. In his opinion, a just measure wasn't possible, he was divided between two feelings extremely contradictory.
To be true, I just think he was disrupted, a just measure is possible to reach even if it's definitely really hard because of our current society, where temptations are increasing, everybody wants more and more which augment the egoism in a certain way and people are managed by money and forget about the essential. However, we have to stay optimistic, not only because hope helps us to survive but especially because I'm sure we are able to build a better world. I mean, we have done so many progress, so even if at the same time we have done horrible things (like wars, I hate wars!) if we concentrate on positive goals we will succeed. I believe in the human being!
Moreover, according to Rousseau (Genevan writer and philosopher of the 18th century) Human nature is largely good, society is the corrupting force. I definitely agree with that statement. So, to conclude because I have others pictures to show you, life is like a game you're playing, on arrival you will have only two choices: Heaven and hell. But until that point, you will have to deal with reality which is a mix between both (a human ying and yong). Your biggest obstacle will may be society, so I think everything will depend on the sense of the road you will set (as you can see on the photo)!
But I'm not god or a philosopher, this is just my vision of the whole thing.

Let's talk about something less serious, during this trip I had the chance to see London under a wonderful and warm sun. This only instigated my desire to pursue my studies there, even if I know the weather won't always be that fine...