samedi 26 septembre 2015

Ambulant anachronisms

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing fine and that you're enjoying the last summer rays of the season! 
This week, I've been watching and sorting some photos I took during my trips this summer.
And I found out that most of the pictures I took roughly on the road were just objects from a lost time, or as I would describe them: ambulant anachronisms. 
It's crazy to see how a simple object (phones, clothes, or even food) enables us to depict a period of time, an atmosphere and even a mindset in a way. As a matter of fact, most of the utensils we use now are aimed to be performant and efficient in a matter of time, it shows us how our day and age is rythmed by a will to be massively productive. I'm not going to criticize our modern societies, because I've decided to accept evolution and going backward would probably be a mistake. However, it always strikes how the common Man is always picturing the past as being better and more appreciable than the present. I am saying that because I use to think it too, however it's hard going forward in life if you keep looking to the past, isn't it? 
But please enjoy some random pictures I took on the road, we'll have a deeper conversation later, believe me ;)
Plus this is a lot more colorful than usually so have a loook!

vendredi 11 septembre 2015


Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well! Sorry for the lack of post these days! I took some very very long holidays...
Last week, I went to Italy and visited Milano, Venezia, Roma and Firenze. It was absolutely amazing to see such beautiful places. It really felt as they weren't affected by the influence of time. And as far as I've been able to see, the italian renaissance must have been magnificent!

Surprisingly, when I came back from Italy two days ago, I discovered that one of the pictures I took there was connected to the unfortunate news of these past few weeks.

I've always thought that an image was worth a thousand words and that somehow it was also a thousand times more powerful than any other media. It has the ability to stuck in people's brain a lot more easily, as the visual memory is more performant than the auditory or olfactory one for most people (this was proven by different studies, for example: For these reasons, an image can sometimes cause a radical change in people's mind and completely change their opinions on somethings and even format their brain. These techniques are used by commercials when they want to make people buy their stuff. They are also used in propaganda to generates a personality cult (like for Staline or Hitler during the 20th century), or to raise people awareness, we all remember the picture of the little naked vietnamese girl running in the street after an aerial napalm attack during Vietnam war. As matter of fact, a picture can change everything. Moreover, this has been once again been proven by the photo of Aylan, the 3 year old boy who was found dead off the shore of a turkish beach last week. 

Since that horrible sight, attention is finally driven on refugees, and government are changing their politics to shelter them. What's actually crazy is the fact that xenophobia still holds an important place in our day and age. It seems like humans aren't learning from their past mistakes. of course we were born with a History that we did not chose and that we can't edit but we should assimilate it and make sure to never reproduce the same mistakes over and over again. What's more crazy is the fact that xenophobia has always existed, we can cite for example ancient greek and roman society's in which strangers didn't have as many rights as the greek and roman citizens, they didn't even have the status of "citizens", and that this fear is still hard to eradicate. When diversity is more of a catalyst than a brake to a country's development, this global situation is more an ineptness than anything else! 

Anyway, I sincerely hope the syrian refugees will rapidly find a new home anywhere in the world. I am not misanthrope, I do believe in the human being  even though sometimes it gets harder... 
But let's be positive, so please enjoy some of the other pictures I took during my trip, I will post the rest soon so stay tuned :D !!

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