lundi 9 février 2015


Hi everybody!

I hope you're all going very well and I am sorry for the lack of post these days but I was working on something new. 

You probably don't know that, but one of my first passion is actually music. I started the piano at 8 years old but never took it very seriously until I began yo write my own material 3 years ago (I also play the guitar but I am very bad at it :P ).
Writing my own songs enabled me to obtain great marks in music :D , but most importantly it helped me get my feelings out and overcome my natural shyness. It was also my therapeutic way to forget high school. I wasn't bullied or anything, I was just not in the right place, studying things that I didn't like, reducing my creativity and to be honest I was asleep most of the time.

However, songwriting gave me the satisfaction that I couldn't get anywhere else. I never thought that I would be able to write a song one day, it just made feel so proud of being myself.
I've never been someone very confident, I'm quite comfortable in my shoes but that's it. Learning to converse and interact with people took me ages. I guess I was born socially inept but I am getting better, it is not something that you can't improve, it just takes time.
And at a time where I was slightly loosing my smile, creating (no matter the medium: photography, video, dance, music...) felt like an aphrodisiac. So, I just wrote more and more songs, took more and and more photos, and shared some of it with you guys !

I don't especially appreciate to talk about myself, I mean personally because I adore to talk about my work, but when I do I'm never concise, sorry about that !

Ok, let's talk about the song now. It's called "Cry my name" and it is basically about heartbreak and regrets but still with the will of moving on I guess. It is not a personal song, it's just inspired by my different observations of relationships around me. It is very sad, I must've been really depressed when I wrote it because, even if the lyrics are not about me, the feeling is mine.
Besides, bear in mind that this is just a debut, there's only my voice and the piano which is not how I imagined the song but I couldn't do it any other way.
Concerning the video, we shot in an old cinema (cinema Lutetia in downtown Casablanca, west coast, yeah ), and it is actually the piano on which i learned to play that we transported from my house to the cinema! Special thanks to my dad who was in charge of all the technical stuff (lights, location, transportation...).
Unfortunately, I can only see the bad points which is the reason why it took me 2 weeks to post it: there's some parts that aren't on focus and a problem of continuity (with my haircut). That's what happens when you're in front of the camera you can't control everything!

Anyway, I hope you'll like my song and my music video. See you soon with some other surprises!! :D