jeudi 5 janvier 2017


Hi everyone!

Happy New Year !!! Time passes by so fast....
I don't know if you remember that, but last year I was preparing a short film called MANTISSE. It came to an end last summer, though we had loads of problems sound wise and I am finally allowed to share it with you (as some festivals have very restrictive policies). It's a noir about 9 min long exploring how rhetoric can be used to change people's perceptions with a bit of a twist ending.

In a dark interrogation room, Mr Jangus is questioning the untameable Mrs Mantisse, who’s suspected for her husband’s murder. Mantisse is a sarcastic dark woman and it is hard to get anything from her. After several attempts to make her admit her crime, we discover their game and real intentions. This is also a satire on TV series interrogations as they always seems to go towards the same directions.


Hope you like it !!
See you soon,

Lamia xx