mardi 17 novembre 2015


Hi everyone!

I couldn't stay silent any longer after the unconceivable sequence of events that happened these past few days (earthquakes in Japan and 2 massive terrorist attacks in Lebanon and France). It is with profound sadness that I have been once again, and that we've all been spectators of a world going wrong. 

Terror has always been the easiest way to destabilize a civilization and establish a profound chaos in its organization, which then allows its attackers to rule or destroy it. It has been the case in dictatorships from Robespierre to Kadhafi. The problem in nowadays's reconstitution of History is the knowledge of the enemy. There is no specific enemy you could point. More frightening, the enemy is part of the population and his will is to divide the latter population. 

Will we submit ourselves to terror and bring shame upon the great men and women of History? Will we fight against it even if there has never been a threat of this genre in History?
Does terror have more weight than hope and the will to claim a vision of liberty? Isn't attacking freedom an attack in humanity's belief?

You have guessed the rhetorical twist of these questions and I do believe we all answered the same responses to the latter interrogations. However, I don't want to spend any more time on politics. 

My concern is the following: as a normally constituted human being I still have some utopian ideas and I am only using the word utopian because the past events of this week affected my usual optimistic vision of the world. I don't think that a world based on love, tolerance, respect and peace is impossible to reach. 
Nevertheless, to accomplish that, every single person of this macrocosm needs to feel as a part of the whole, as being a proper member of it. 
Exclusion is what creates terrorism because it causes a loss of identity. Then to eradicate such a threat, we need to completely reconsider the functioning of our modern societies and stop the ghettoisation of our own populations.

These pictures were taken at Highgate Cemetry two weeks ago, I had planned to write an article about our apprehension of death, however I felt it was more suitable to keep abreast of current political events.

In memory of all the lost ones.

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