mercredi 28 décembre 2016


Hi everyone!

Last week, I took some pictures and I thought I would share them with you. I hope you'll like them !!

I quite like the red version as well so I thought I would post it too. Let me know what you think!

mercredi 21 décembre 2016


Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the festive season! Last week, I made an experimental short film for my Audio-vision module. The task was to explore the dialogue between the image and the sound in a 1 to 3 min video. I tried to make an original statement with mine. I'm kind of denouncing war, representing it as an absurd tomato soup. But since it's an artistic piece, you can interpret it however you want! Enjoy!

I'm still a bit shocked over the attacks in Istanbul and Berlin, especially Berlin as I was there just two weeks ago... My short film is therefore quite current unfortunately.

vendredi 9 décembre 2016


Hi everyone!

I hope everything's going great for you and that you're enjoying the festive season!! 
Last week, I traveled to Berlin. I had never been to germany before and I was really surprised that it was a lot colder than London (maybe because the weather is dry there). 
Moreover, I thought people were quiet nice there, even if that's not the image most of us have of germans for some reasons. 

I only spent a few days in the city but it was definitely worth it and enough to get a glimps of the most important monuments. 
Plus, seeing in person the Berlin wall was even an emotional moment, I studied so much about it in high school, was almost surreal.
All in all, It was so rich historically, architecturally and culturally that I obviously took loads of pictures.  

See you very soon,
Lamia xx