vendredi 9 décembre 2016


Hi everyone!

I hope everything's going great for you and that you're enjoying the festive season!! 
Last week, I traveled to Berlin. I had never been to germany before and I was really surprised that it was a lot colder than London (maybe because the weather is dry there). 
Moreover, I thought people were quiet nice there, even if that's not the image most of us have of germans for some reasons. 

I only spent a few days in the city but it was definitely worth it and enough to get a glimps of the most important monuments. 
Plus, seeing in person the Berlin wall was even an emotional moment, I studied so much about it in high school, was almost surreal.
All in all, It was so rich historically, architecturally and culturally that I obviously took loads of pictures.  

See you very soon,
Lamia xx

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