mercredi 11 décembre 2013

mercredi 20 novembre 2013

KID'S POWER - Part 1

Hi everybody!

I hope everything is going great for you and I apologize for my absence!

“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them”  The little prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The little prince is one of my favorite books. I first read it when I was 9 years old and I didn't understand by that time why it is considered to be a masterpiece. I mean the drawings weren't that great. It's only with time that I realized how smart and clever was the book.  It's actually one of those books you pick up and blink and 3 hours have passed, 3 hours which make you see things differently and make you lapse into childhood. And in a time of crisis, it's not only a pleasure, it's a necessity! I don't know of another book which illustrates that simplistically the human being in all his complexity and if there is a lesson to be learned it would be that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover! Kids are a lot more farseeing than we think.
Moreover, I have always thought that children should rule the world, I'm pretty sure that we would make fewer mistakes... OK maybe it would be discord but still there would be less crimes. 
This post celebrates the children that we - I hope- are still. I wish you would like those pictures! I'll post the second part of this series by the end of this week ;)  

Do you remember this picture? Look here

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MGMT - Kids

lundi 4 novembre 2013


Hi everybody!

    I hope you're enjoying your vacation as much as I do! I wish you'll like these pictures that I took recently. 
Sometimes I feel like everything is going too fast. Time is running out and getting older is definitely frightening. Moreover, It is insane that we have to make the most important choices of our lives at a really young age (another problem of our current system)! I believe that with age comes wisdom, so we need more time.
Otherwise, even if the acceptance of getting older is hard (because you get closer to death), I think that an age is only a number, you only need to stay young on the inside. The physical appearance isn't all that matters. Everything is not what it seems.
However, I have some difficulties to define "time", maybe it's because I 'm always late, but as we are able to measure it, it should be easier to qualify. It's definitely not a concept that I do master... Anyway maybe with time, I'll find out ;)

See you soon!
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mardi 22 octobre 2013


Hi everybody!

I am extremely happy to announce you that you can finally find the blog on instagram!!! 

dimanche 6 octobre 2013


Hi everybody!

How are you doing? I hope you had a better week than mine (too many exams...)!
Anyway, I had some pictures to show you from my last travel to NEW YORK CITY!!! I finally achieved one of my dreams! New york is actually the main theme of my room, just to tell you how much I was obsessed with this city!

They told me that lady liberty was green. But have you ever wondered if we were able to see the same "green"? I mean maybe my green is your red, the fact that we named it green doesn't mean that we all see the same thing, it only means that we refer to the same color when we are talking about "green"!
Furthermore, I always thought that human perceptions were too restricted, visible wavelength cover a range from approximatively 400 nm to 800 nm, it's definitely not a lot! So theoretically, green is neither green nor red or any other color, it's only a wavelength... So weird... 
So now, nobody will contradict me if I say that I saw lady liberty in red!

Hey, don't know which way to go? Follow the light...

The one below is definitely my favorite one. I don't think I have to tell you why it's quite obvious...

Goodnight and sweet dreams everybody ;) !

dimanche 29 septembre 2013


Hi everybody!

I hope you had a great week! Imagine if we could reach the moon that easily, it would be amazing, don't you think? 

I've always been wonderstruck by everything that was capable to spread light, especially by stars. I don't know why but there is something magical about that. 
Besides, I think that stars are actually the only reasons why everybody is in love with the night (maybe it's because of Romeo's face, I'm not sure) or why the night is a lot more inspiring than the day.
 However, I believe that we can't really concentrate if there is too much light because it's decentralizing, we need less light to focus on what we're really looking for, just like in the movie "Now you see me", that I definitely adored by the way, the more we think we see, the less we actually notice (that's also why I prefer the night). We need to take distance to realize what it is all about. I can't really define what "it" refers to because it depends on what you're searching for, but if it's inspiration then don't sleep at night! Plus, have you ever noticed that night rhymes with light? And that's exactly what I am saying, there is nothing more enlightening than night even if it sounds contradictory! 
And tonight it is all about the LIGHT! I should write a song about it!

Plus, I think this picture beautifully represents the current connection of our world thanks to or because of globalization... Let's think about it!

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

samedi 21 septembre 2013

We're not cows !

Hi everybody!

I hope everything is going great for you! Yesterday, I realized how a little bit of power can make you feel unconcerned of rules. I bet you want to know what happened, but it's definitely not the matter. I could give you dozens of examples of people loosing their mind because of the power they think they have. Hitler is actually the best example.
Anyway, I think it's quite funny. No matter if you are an officer, a school director (now you can guess what I am talking about), or a company director, the fact that you think that you are able to direct anything in this life is hilarious, because if there is something that you can absolutely not control it's LIFE! So, how did it happen? Why is it so easy to feel invincible? How is it possible that we sincerely believe we have the keys to manage this world?
The title of this post is "we're not cows", sure, we're human beings and sometimes I'm not sure it is better. I'm laughing, if we were cows we won't even know what's Chinese food and that would be so horrible ! Sorry, I was just saying that if we think the way we think it's because of our nature, that's simply the way we were build I guess. Even if Human nature is so contradictory sometimes, (we make wars to preserve peace, that's really weird) we're not cows anymore and that's already a step to be conscious of our acts, I just hope that some people could understand that power doesn't mean you have to act stupidly !

Those two pictures were taken in the MET museum in New York city where I had the chance to go this summer!

vendredi 13 septembre 2013

Back to basics

Hi everybody!

Yesterday, my philosophy teacher asked us to answer the question: "Who are you?". I realized that I never wondered who I am. I'm always trying to find a meaning of our lives, to find out why our world was created or the reason why everything happens in a certain way but I never even asked myself who I am. It's just crazy that something as simple as my own identity can make me feel so lost! 
My first reaction to answer this question was, of course, to give him my first name, surname, even nickname and date of birth. But how can a civil status define what's within a human being? 
So, I started to think maybe I should give examples of what I like and what I don't like in general, or maybe by "who are you?" he meant what can differentiates you from other people, but that would be a way to admit that there is a universal norm which I definitely think is false because I believe that we are all completely different (which is a great thing); if we all try to stick to a certain norm it's because of society's force, that's all. But that don't help me in the process of finding who I am...
So, I understand that I didn't even know who I really was. Who would have thought that I'll be my biggest mystery! 
Then I became paranoiac: If I don't know myself how can what I'm thinking about other people be something else than an illusion? OK, maybe I am going too far, and that's what those 2 pictures are all about mystery and trust! 

Sorry I forgot this one:
          U2 - Mysterious Ways

dimanche 8 septembre 2013


Hi everybody!

 This time I just wanted something colorful (I know you're tired with my obsession with black and white), funny and playful. This time, no need to think (which is great because I just started school)! I won't write an essay about how I imagine life, death, life post-death etc... I would just like you to enjoy some funny pictures so you could maybe lapse into a second childhood... I'm obviously still a kid, here's the proof:

dimanche 28 juillet 2013

London's call

Hi everybody!

I'm really sorry for the delay but I had to pass my french baccalaureate and then I traveled. But I promise now that I'm back home I'm going to be a lot more regular!
So here's some pictures that I took last holidays in London, which is for me one of the most beautiful city in the world! I hope you're going to like it as much as I do!

This one is definitely one of my favorite picture from the travel, it's also the first one I took (on the airplane). You know now how I love the black and white effect!
Actually, this picture reminds me a lot of Baudelaire (French poet of the 19th century) and his vision of the human being and life: a simple opposition between an ideal, a perfection and what he use to call "the spleen" which means despair, a kind of hell, something really negative. An opposition between black and white as you can see in the picture. In his opinion, a just measure wasn't possible, he was divided between two feelings extremely contradictory.
To be true, I just think he was disrupted, a just measure is possible to reach even if it's definitely really hard because of our current society, where temptations are increasing, everybody wants more and more which augment the egoism in a certain way and people are managed by money and forget about the essential. However, we have to stay optimistic, not only because hope helps us to survive but especially because I'm sure we are able to build a better world. I mean, we have done so many progress, so even if at the same time we have done horrible things (like wars, I hate wars!) if we concentrate on positive goals we will succeed. I believe in the human being!
Moreover, according to Rousseau (Genevan writer and philosopher of the 18th century) Human nature is largely good, society is the corrupting force. I definitely agree with that statement. So, to conclude because I have others pictures to show you, life is like a game you're playing, on arrival you will have only two choices: Heaven and hell. But until that point, you will have to deal with reality which is a mix between both (a human ying and yong). Your biggest obstacle will may be society, so I think everything will depend on the sense of the road you will set (as you can see on the photo)!
But I'm not god or a philosopher, this is just my vision of the whole thing.

Let's talk about something less serious, during this trip I had the chance to see London under a wonderful and warm sun. This only instigated my desire to pursue my studies there, even if I know the weather won't always be that fine...

dimanche 31 mars 2013

A ticket to Heaven

Hi everybody!

          This is how I actually imagine our last travel. An infinite staircase that we'll have to climb. And step by step we'll learn something about Humanity, about our reason to be here,  about the sens of our lifes, about the mystery which we'll never find the answer to! As you can see, I'm still perturbed about that. I still have some difficulties to understand our society which makes us always want more, even if material things doesn't mean a thing. So, at least even if I don't find the answers of all my questions here, I desperately hope I'll find it during our "second life".
Moreover, maybe good persons will have a short way to browsed to achieve their entry to paradise, and maybe that bad persons will never finish their climb and they'll have to do it infinitely just like Sisyphe in the Greek mythology, who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again.
I hope you'll like this picture of the Louvre's staicase that I took last year!

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil

mercredi 6 mars 2013

First music video

Hi everybody!

I hope everything is going great for you, even if the weather those days isn't that good ! So here's the first music video I've ever made (I've ever finished to be true). And I'm actually kind of proud of the result, and I desperately hope that you'll like it too! We (Yasmina and I) decided to make it with Taylor Swift's hit I knew you were trouble because it's a beautiful song even if I'm not a hudge fan of hers. Moreover, we thought that the official one weren't in Taylor Swift's spirit (sparkling, and glowing in a princess way like her other music videos such as Love story or just funny like We are never getting back together or You belong with me) and in the same way it wasn't enough offensive or outrageous and shocking. We felt, even if the music video is composed of wonderful pictures, that it wasn't neither a music video in her spirit nor something new and a discovery about her. But that's just our point of view !
I wish you'll also like those pictures that I took during the shooting!