samedi 21 septembre 2013

We're not cows !

Hi everybody!

I hope everything is going great for you! Yesterday, I realized how a little bit of power can make you feel unconcerned of rules. I bet you want to know what happened, but it's definitely not the matter. I could give you dozens of examples of people loosing their mind because of the power they think they have. Hitler is actually the best example.
Anyway, I think it's quite funny. No matter if you are an officer, a school director (now you can guess what I am talking about), or a company director, the fact that you think that you are able to direct anything in this life is hilarious, because if there is something that you can absolutely not control it's LIFE! So, how did it happen? Why is it so easy to feel invincible? How is it possible that we sincerely believe we have the keys to manage this world?
The title of this post is "we're not cows", sure, we're human beings and sometimes I'm not sure it is better. I'm laughing, if we were cows we won't even know what's Chinese food and that would be so horrible ! Sorry, I was just saying that if we think the way we think it's because of our nature, that's simply the way we were build I guess. Even if Human nature is so contradictory sometimes, (we make wars to preserve peace, that's really weird) we're not cows anymore and that's already a step to be conscious of our acts, I just hope that some people could understand that power doesn't mean you have to act stupidly !

Those two pictures were taken in the MET museum in New York city where I had the chance to go this summer!

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