dimanche 29 septembre 2013


Hi everybody!

I hope you had a great week! Imagine if we could reach the moon that easily, it would be amazing, don't you think? 

I've always been wonderstruck by everything that was capable to spread light, especially by stars. I don't know why but there is something magical about that. 
Besides, I think that stars are actually the only reasons why everybody is in love with the night (maybe it's because of Romeo's face, I'm not sure) or why the night is a lot more inspiring than the day.
 However, I believe that we can't really concentrate if there is too much light because it's decentralizing, we need less light to focus on what we're really looking for, just like in the movie "Now you see me", that I definitely adored by the way, the more we think we see, the less we actually notice (that's also why I prefer the night). We need to take distance to realize what it is all about. I can't really define what "it" refers to because it depends on what you're searching for, but if it's inspiration then don't sleep at night! Plus, have you ever noticed that night rhymes with light? And that's exactly what I am saying, there is nothing more enlightening than night even if it sounds contradictory! 
And tonight it is all about the LIGHT! I should write a song about it!

Plus, I think this picture beautifully represents the current connection of our world thanks to or because of globalization... Let's think about it!

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

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