dimanche 6 octobre 2013


Hi everybody!

How are you doing? I hope you had a better week than mine (too many exams...)!
Anyway, I had some pictures to show you from my last travel to NEW YORK CITY!!! I finally achieved one of my dreams! New york is actually the main theme of my room, just to tell you how much I was obsessed with this city!

They told me that lady liberty was green. But have you ever wondered if we were able to see the same "green"? I mean maybe my green is your red, the fact that we named it green doesn't mean that we all see the same thing, it only means that we refer to the same color when we are talking about "green"!
Furthermore, I always thought that human perceptions were too restricted, visible wavelength cover a range from approximatively 400 nm to 800 nm, it's definitely not a lot! So theoretically, green is neither green nor red or any other color, it's only a wavelength... So weird... 
So now, nobody will contradict me if I say that I saw lady liberty in red!

Hey, don't know which way to go? Follow the light...

The one below is definitely my favorite one. I don't think I have to tell you why it's quite obvious...

Goodnight and sweet dreams everybody ;) !

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