vendredi 1 juin 2018

Teaser Destiny's Strings

Hi everyone!

The time has finally come for me to share a bit of Destiny's Strings with you all!! Here's a teaser of my short film:

vendredi 27 avril 2018


Hi everyone!

    I've recently spent a few days in Copenhagen - nope I'm not going to post a picture of the colorful houses of nyhavn, even though I think they're really pretty - and I went to this weird museum, the national museum of Denmark. It wasn't uncommon because of its architecture or interior decorations, that was actually quite conventional. However, the works exhibited were all over the place, and somehow a lot of it had nothing to do with the nation of Denmark. There was a whole section about South America, don't ask me why...
 A great thing was the exhibition room dedicated to the people of Denmark, which was very interesting and insightful as it enabled me to really understand their way of life. There was also a video projection of a documentary about the fact the autonomy of Greenland which is still a danish territory, which I had no idea about!
So, all in all if you have a chance to go to Copenhagen, this is quite a nice way to spend half a day.

Back to what I actually wanted to mention, In that same museum, I took many pictures of some religious figures and statues dating from the early ages of the nation. There was a specific one which reminded me of a book I was reading: My name is Asher Lev.
It is basically the story of a kid, who has a gift and draws majestically, but cannot pursue this career as his from a Hasidic jew community and his father thinks it's against his religion. At the end (sorry spoiler), he will paint a crucifixion staging his parents as the main protagonists causing the outrage of everyone in his family. 
That made me think, religion and the scenes described in the holy books have probably been the first things to be depicted. Art, in general, is so closely related to religion and at the same times, those two things seem to be so conflictual. But, I guess they both enable people to reach a certain state of grace, let's put it this way.

Aretha Franklin - Are You Sure

Destiny's Strings

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is doing fine!

I finally finished editing Destiny's String, hip hip hip hourra! 

There were many many things to fix in post (especially sound wise) and it's still not perfect but I finally accepted it...
I actually reshot a lot of cutaways last december, which is why the process took so long.
I've sent it to a lot of international and indie film festivals and hope it gets at least 1 or 2 screenings but the competition is tough, so fingers crossed!
I've had the chance to work with an amazing team, especially Youssef the young kid playing Adil, who was absolutely fantastic, so even if this short film doesn't make it anywhere it was still an amazing experience!

Unfortunately, since a lot of festivals have a premiere policy, I can't post it online or share it with you... 

However, if you really want to see it then just drop me a message and I'll send you a link with a password so you can watch it.

mardi 12 septembre 2017


Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well!
Two days ago we finished filming Destiny's Strings. It was hard and exciting and tiring and challenging and thrilling but absolutely amazing :D
Definitely one of the greatest experience of my life. I also got very lucky and had such an amazing team!!
Now I'm starting the editing and looking forward to sharing it with you all!!

See you soon,

Lamia xx

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

mardi 20 juin 2017


Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well!!
I've finally achieved one of my bucket list first goals: Travelling to the Matchu Picchu!!
It was definitely worth the 24h travels and 3 flights! Absolutely mesmerizing and so out of time! Cuzco somehow reminded me of some parts of Morocco, the very narrow streets, the places that were almost abandoned and poorly maintained but that somehow looked amazing! 
In total, I spent two weeks in Peru. During the first week, I volunteered in Aldea Yanapay, an eclectic school in the suburbs or Cuzco. It was definitely one of the greatest experience of my life. I've learned some much on so many different levels and the kids were fantastic. However, I do really need to practice my spanish, I realized I wasn't fluent at all...
The second week, I got ill and did some tourism, mainly visited ruins but that was interesting. Obviously, I took loads and loads of photos!!


Lamia xx

jeudi 25 mai 2017


Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the summer rays of these days! As some of you might already know, I am currently doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money to fund my first professional short film. It's a project that is really close to my heart as I've been thinking about for a few years now. It was supposed to be my graduation film but it was too complicated to finance and to travel with the crew to Morocco. 

It's called Destiny's Strings, it's a 15 min short film and it is basically a Moroccan twist to Billy Elliot the movie. Adil, a 7-year-old boy, wants to become a violinist but his father, who's unfulfilled with his current life, thinks it's a meaningless job and wants his son to aim for a more elitist career. However, Adil who's magnetized by the instrument, will secretly learn to play, causing his father concern and anger when he discovers it. I don't wanna spoil the ending but I really want this movie to be as emotional as possible!
I feel a bit embarrassed to ask for money but anything you can give is definitely going to help us to fund our short film. It's a very challenging project as we have many characters and some very expensive set ups but this won't stop us!

If you can't financially help us, just spread the word and share our campaign on social medias, this would fantastic! 
Here's the link to make a donation: 

Check out the campaign video if you wanna get a clearer idea of what our short film is about!!

Many thanks,
Lamia xx