jeudi 30 octobre 2014

The Youtube Scene Documentary

Hi everybody!

Last week, I had to write a treatment for a 7 to 10 min documentary that I will hopefully shoot in the next couple of weeks if it got chosen! 
I actually chose the Youtube scene as a subject, because I think that the statistics are just incredible. The fact that more than one billion unique users visit YouTube every month to watch more than six billion hours of video, averaging nearly an hour per person on Earth, is beyond fascinating! 
Being a viewer myself, I think that there is a lot of elements about this job that could interest any other viewer and especially the financial part. How do they monetize their videos, is definitely a question I will raise in this documentary. 
Moreover, there is not that much documentaries about Youtubers, which is intriguing because the numbers and the infatuation provoked definitely prove that they have as much impact as any other mainstream star, and that really made me want to do it!

If you want to read my work click ==> HERE

mercredi 15 octobre 2014


Hi everybody!

Basically, this is a project I've been working on for the past 2 weeks. It is a portrait of my classmate Anastasia, that we had to do for our Video Portrait class. 

It was really interesting to work on it because it iss absolutely not what I'm used to do! You know my love for black and white and philosophical deep thoughts so this kind of practice was completely new for me. However, the process was the same, we had to prepare a script, shoot it and then edit it. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't use a tripod without  an accreditation in every places where we shot, such as trafalgar square and picadilly circus so you can see some images not that sharp,I was shaking a little bit, sorry about that! 

As a matter of fact, It is far from perfect but the positive thing is that it's my first work here at uni so it can only get better!

I hope you'll like it anyway!

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

vendredi 3 octobre 2014

The Art Of The Brick

Hi everybody!

Two days ago, I went to an exhibition called "The Art Of The Brick" and it was one of the most surprising and interesting event I've been to so far!

When I was younger, I didn't like legos, I thought it was just a really boring game and I was pretty bad at it which certainly explains why. However, I would've never thought that one day I would be impressed by a sculpture made of legos and that's exactly what happened. 

The way these creations made of plastic bricks expresses different emotions and presents so many deep philosophical ideas is just surreal!

I hope you'll like my pictures, but if you have the opportunity to go to this exhibition, do not hesitate it's definitely worth it and more colorful than my pictures! well I guess everyone has their own style ;)

Ed Sheeran - Lego House

Ok that was foreseeable ;)