lundi 16 mars 2015

Hi everybody!

I hope you're all doing well because I have some very good news to share with you today.
My short film "The Actress" has been nominated in two categories at the Screentest Film Festival (The national student film festival): Best young filmmaker and Best Experimental short film!! This is by far one of the coolest things that happened to me lately! It's just very flattering to have my very first short film showcased at a film festival and being nominated is just amazing :D ! 
The second good news is actually quite similar, one of my uni group project has also been chosen at a short film competition called Raw creativity. You've never seen that video before so that is what I will be presenting you today.
Basically, we had to explore a space and relate through that use of space a journey, this was an exercise which was part of my Video Journeys - Lost in space module. We chose to shoot the staircase of my uni, because first it looked great on camera, it had some very interesting perspectives and second because, and you know that (remember this picture), we loved the metaphor behind climbing a stair: this infinite climb leading us to a higher place, is just a source of inspiration. By the way, I've always thought that the fact that we associate what's good with higher places and what's bad coming from some places downstairs (excuse my pun), just like we always heard go up to heaven or down to hell, was very interesting. This spatial separation is a vision displayed by monotheist religions. However, in the greek mythology you'll only hear about a certain underworld where all the souls went after death to be judge then the blessed ones go to Champs Elysees, while the unfortunates go to Tartarus.
I've alway found the greek mythology fascinating :D! Anyway I hope you'll like our work!