mercredi 6 mars 2013

First music video

Hi everybody!

I hope everything is going great for you, even if the weather those days isn't that good ! So here's the first music video I've ever made (I've ever finished to be true). And I'm actually kind of proud of the result, and I desperately hope that you'll like it too! We (Yasmina and I) decided to make it with Taylor Swift's hit I knew you were trouble because it's a beautiful song even if I'm not a hudge fan of hers. Moreover, we thought that the official one weren't in Taylor Swift's spirit (sparkling, and glowing in a princess way like her other music videos such as Love story or just funny like We are never getting back together or You belong with me) and in the same way it wasn't enough offensive or outrageous and shocking. We felt, even if the music video is composed of wonderful pictures, that it wasn't neither a music video in her spirit nor something new and a discovery about her. But that's just our point of view !
I wish you'll also like those pictures that I took during the shooting!


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