jeudi 7 février 2013


Hi everybody!

       I know that's been a long time that I didn't post anything and I have to appologize but school is actually taking (even stealing but I don't know if I can say that) all my time, especially those days!
       So I'm not going to waste yours anymore, and introduce some pictures that I just took a month ago. I tried to express the feeling that I have of being controled. I mean especially now that I'm still at school, but even out of school I feel like we are manipulated by the society, the media, the politicians (so also by the media that serves politicians)... It's like there were not a real Freedom, because our thoughts and acts are actually directed. We can't really do what we want, there's laws (even in a democraty) but are laws a way to be free? I mean if people repect laws, we'll feel more secured to live our lives and that's actually an aspect of freedom. Besides, we can't really say what we want, because we're leaving in community and have to be accommodating with eachother. Moreover there's politicians who controles medias but there's also medias that are lying to us and that are trying to make us believe in things that aren't true or they're moving things out of their context and all of that makes me feel confused ! So at the end of the day, I feel like nothing in life really has a sens and that maybe our mission here is to find the sens. Then I try to sleep...


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