dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Happy new year !

Hi everybody!

First, let me wish you a brilliant new year 2013 with my best wishes !! And as the traditions want it to be, here's my new year's resolutions:
- More photoshoots,
- Make video clips, which will be great because it combines my two hobbys: photos and music!
- Develop my songwritting skills (why not?),
- Learn to eat with chinese chopsticks (I'll feel a lot more comfortable to eat chinese then),
- Practice more the piano,
- Taste new kinds of food (like indian or thai food),
Oh and maybe work a little harder at school, even if I don't really like it!
I think that's a great list maybe too ambitious, but if next year I achieve my goals and succeed in doing all these things, I'll be as happy :D and proud as can be!!
By the way, Here's a photoshoot that I took just last thursday! Do not hesitate to tell me what you think and what's your new year's resolutions!

Blondie- Call me

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