mardi 20 novembre 2012

Back to the 80's

Hi everybody!

I would have so liked living in the 80s. When the music was still of quality (although commercial music is perfect to dance and party it is sure that it won't be something that'll last), when the life was not that virtual (Yes, I am criticizing the noxious use of Facebook and the other social networks), when we really knew how to have fun (disco seems so greaaaat)! Purpose I know that I' m not objectifies in the sense where the Man wants and will always want what he doesn't have and I admit not to steal from the rule. Furthermore, generally the Man always finds the past more interestingt and attractive than the present maybe because it is already already achieved, indeed we wait for nothing of past but we expect too much from the present! Moreover there is a movie which treats verywell  the subject: midnight in Paris. This picture is one of my favorite ones and it is a lot inspired by the work of Helmut Newton, one of the best photographers of the whole time (you can see that just here)!!

I wish I was a punk rocker - Sandi Thom

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