vendredi 16 novembre 2012

Le désenchantement du monde

Hi everybody!

It's my first post and I have to say that I was actually really nervous about that.  It was a lot of pressure because I always thought that the first impression was the good one, so it took me about 3 weeks (after I create this blog) to post my first message. Moreover, I tried more than a hundred different presentation to finally choose this one, so I really hope that you're going to like it!

The first photoshoot I am posting today is illustrating the story of a doll who always wanted to become a human being until the day she succeed and turns into a little girl. She unfortunately discover that the "real life" isn't as beautiful and magical as it seems. I admit that it is a lot inspired by the movie Life-size where Lindsay Lohan was still a great actress. I keep my fingers crossed wishing that you're going to like those pictures!!



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