samedi 26 septembre 2015

Ambulant anachronisms

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing fine and that you're enjoying the last summer rays of the season! 
This week, I've been watching and sorting some photos I took during my trips this summer.
And I found out that most of the pictures I took roughly on the road were just objects from a lost time, or as I would describe them: ambulant anachronisms. 
It's crazy to see how a simple object (phones, clothes, or even food) enables us to depict a period of time, an atmosphere and even a mindset in a way. As a matter of fact, most of the utensils we use now are aimed to be performant and efficient in a matter of time, it shows us how our day and age is rythmed by a will to be massively productive. I'm not going to criticize our modern societies, because I've decided to accept evolution and going backward would probably be a mistake. However, it always strikes how the common Man is always picturing the past as being better and more appreciable than the present. I am saying that because I use to think it too, however it's hard going forward in life if you keep looking to the past, isn't it? 
But please enjoy some random pictures I took on the road, we'll have a deeper conversation later, believe me ;)
Plus this is a lot more colorful than usually so have a loook!

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