jeudi 25 décembre 2014


Hi everybody!

    I hope you're all having an amazing festive season and that you are enjoying your holidays!
Here is a documentary we made at uni for our final documentary practice assessment. It is definitely different from all I have been doing so far but it was very interesting to explore something new, even if I am not sure that I would like to produce more documentaries in the future, I think I prefer fiction. Anyway, we choose a subject that was rarely treated in documentaries before: pansexuality. 
    As a matter of fact only three recognized films shows that kind of subject. Moreover, Amy was such a lovely person, she was really open to talk about that part of her intimacy with us, we definitely had a great time filming !
I hope our documentary will enlighten you on what pansexuality is!
Have a nice day and a happy new year ! :D

Here is the link to our documentary ==> 

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