jeudi 20 avril 2017

REMORSE a hungarian short film

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well, even if for most of us exams are coming soon...
Recently, I've been working on a live portal project between my university in London and Ryerson university in Toronto. The brief was to make a proposal for an installation that could exist simultaneously in two designated public ‘storefront’ locations, and to somehow connect these two cities, which are thousands miles away. Our plan was to create a 3D abstract demonstrating two cities coming together. We wanted to build both a London and Toronto skyline made from multi-coloured plexiglass. Tiles would have come away from each structure and meet in the middle at a screen showing live feed from the opposite city. The tiles would have been covered in photographs that would have brought together elements of culture, history and identity from the different cities. Unfortunately, we've lost this competition but we were runners up, and that's not too bad. Anyway, I thought I would still share with you the video I made relating our experience working on the project:

Moreover, I've been working as a director of photography in a hungarian short film. Shooting in hungarian was absolutely fantastic! Such a great experience! This is the graduation film of one of my best friends at university and it's a sci-fi with heart and moral. It's set in a world where you have to pass a test to break into a higher social class, and in that set up, your only identification tool is your right thumb fingerprint. So, when Roland, the main protagonist, has his finger cut off by a group of envious people, his world collapses as he can't study to change social class... I don't wanna spoil this short film and I will hopefully soon be able to post it, but until then, here are some snapshots of the rough cut:

See you soon,

Lamia xx

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